Chris Hampton Fitness


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to 

connect you with them. 



 "I started my journey on Dec. 17, 2015.  I was overweight, out of shape and recovering from recent knee surgery again.  My Doctor wanted me to lose some weight to relieve the stress on my knees.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  I had not been to a gym for almost 14 years.  I was intimated by all the equipment but I was determined.  I was also leaving for Jamaica on Feb. 22 and wanted to be able to hike up the waterfalls. 

With these as my goals, I started working with Chris Hampton 2 times a week.  Chris has motivated me, challenged me and kept me going and I haven’t looked back.  I actually look forward to going to the gym which is something I never thought I would say. 

I lost 26 pounds in 68 days and was able to do the waterfall hikes in Jamaica.  I owe this to Chris for strengthening my legs and my confidence. I went from a size 16 pant to a size 10 - 12. 

I recently signed up for a Spartan Race in May and hope to do my second Spartan Race in Aug as well.  It will be hard but I hope to finish both times.  I will be working with Chris for at least the next 6 months in anticipation of the races and in my personal weight loss journey. 

I can’t say enough about Chris.  I would recommend Chris as your Personal Trainer without any hesitation.  He’s ready, willing and able to help you make your life changes possible in a very positive way.  He will help you make your fitness dreams come true."

~ Julie



"Chris helped me understand the importance of nutrition. Changing the way I eat was hard at first, but 

then became a regular thing for me. In 24 days I was able to lose some fat and gain muscle."

~ Stephanie







"The workouts are hard and make me sweat, but I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8. The fitness t-shirt is great and I have plans to order the hoodie as the weather gets colder."in two months with working out only twice a week! The benefits are definately worth the effort.

~ Linda









"It's so comfortable you can do your workout with it on."

~ Tony